How to jailbreak iPad air 2 iOS 8.1



Following are the steps you must follow in order to jailbreak iPad Air iOS 8.1

  1. Download INTRIX Jailbreak iPad Air from this website by clicking on the given Download button.
  2. Then the INTRIX  app will be downloaded to your iPad Air settings.
  3. Enter the iPad passcode from device Settings > Profile Download so that the INTRIX JB app will be installed on your device.
  4. The INTRIX  app icon will be visible on the home screen of your device. Tap on it to open the app store.
  5. Then you can download Cydia or any other third-party app or tweaks through the INTRIX  Jailbreak app store.



jailbreak ipad air

What is iOS Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the process of removing software restrictions imposed by Apple on iOS devices. It gives the opportunity to Apple users to install applications that are not available in The Apple App Store. Jailbreaking gives access to the root of the operating system. Not only iOS devices Android devices are also capable of this process and it is called “Rooting”. Nowadays jailbreaking is not a difficult task but it will risk your device with the access of malware and viruses and the Apple company will not guarantee your device anymore. But jailbreaking will give you the chance to install third party applications to your iDevice.


How to jailbreak an iPad?

In order to jailbreak an iPad there 3 main parts and each part has a few steps to follow.

Part 1: Preparing for jailbreak

  1. Gain knowledge about the risk of jailbreaking.
  2. Backing up the iPad.
  3. Check the model and the iOS version of the iPad.
  4. Disabling “Find My iPad”.
  5. Disabling Siri.
  6. Disconnect wireless networks.

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Part 2: Jailbreaking using Checkra 1n

  1. Make sure your iPad is compatible for jailbreaking.
  2. Go to the official website of Checkra1n.
  3. Scroll and click on “Download for Mac operating system”.
  4. Open the installed file.
  5. Connect the iPad to the computer.
  6. Open Checkra1n.
  7. Start the application.
  8. Click “Next”.
  9. Start after reading the instructions.
  10. Follow the instructions prompted.
  11. Release the power button after prompting.

Part 3: Jailbreaking using Cydia Impactor:

  1. Get app specific password.
  2. Download Cydia Impactor to your pc.
  3. Download jailbreak utility for the iOS version you are running.
  4. Open iTunes.
  5. Connect the iPad to the pc.
  6. Open cydia impactor.
  7. Drag and drop the jailbreaking IPA file to Cydia Impactor.
  8. Log in via your Apple ID.
  9. Enter app specific password.
  10. Open settings of the iPad.
  11. Tap on “General”.
  12. Tap on “Device management”.
  13. Tap the Apple ID or the name of the application you entered.
  14. Tap on “trust”. 
  15. Tap jailbreaking icon.
  16. Tap “Jailbreak”.