Jailbreak iPad Mini 1 – 4 iOS 9.3.5

Apple iPad mini-series is another interesting iPad design such as the Pro models. The first-generation iPad mini or iPad mini 1 is marketed as usual by Apple Ink. From this website you can have a better idea about the iPad mini series, how to jailbreak iPad mini 1, and jailbreak iPad mini 4.



jailbreak ipad mini 1

About iPad mini 1

iPad mini 1 or first-generation iPad mini is a new tablet computer model released on 23rd October 2012. This is the very first mini-tablet computer design. iPad mini 1 is the fourth iPad device and the first one of the iPad mini-series. The new design reduces the larger size of the iPad device, and the iPad mini screen is about 7.9 inches. But the internal specification and resolution of the display are similar to the iPad 2.

iPad mini 1 was originally released with iOS 6, and the device includes Apple A5 2nd gen chipset. It supports several versions up to iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 9.3.6. Therefore now you can easily upgrade the iPad mini operating system with iOS 9.3.5 to upgrade all the facilities. After that, fortunately, we can jailbreak iPad mini 9.3.5 with the INTRIX jailbreak tool. INTRIX JB is one of the most powerful and user-friendly jailbreak tools, and this is the best online jailbreak option for downloading jailbreak iPad mini 1jailbreak iPad mini 4.

iPad mini 4 is the most successful iPad mini device, and it was released last December 2020. Mini 4 devices include the Apple A8 chipset. For all the iPad mini series now you can use the INTRIXJB tool. It supports jailbreak iPad mini 9.3.5.

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How to jailbreak iPad mini 1?

When completing the iPad mini 1 upgrade with iOS 9.3.5, you can use the most advanced facilities included in iOS 9.3.5. As the tradition of iOS jailbreak, now we can jailbreak iPad mini 1 using several supported jailbreak tools. But among those tools, INTRIX jailbreak is the best option for jailbreak as this is an online jailbreak tool. 

Users can follow simple instructions here to complete INTRIX JB and the tool supports Cydia iOS 9.3.5 as well. There are several jailbreak methods available for iOS jailbreak. Namely, those are the untethered jailbreak, tethered jailbreak, and online jailbreak. Rather than the untethered or tethered jailbreak online jailbreak is user friendly and easy to follow. That’s why for jailbreak iPad 9.3.5 you should use INTRIX jailbreak.


Jailbreak iPad mini with INTRIX jailbreak tool

Now you can try the online jailbreak methods for downloading jailbreak for your iPad mini. INTRIX jailbreak is the best jailbreak option that was released for all the iOS versions, and so you can use it for jailbreak iPad mini1jailbreak iPad mini 4 devices as other iPad and iPhone devices.

You can directly download INTRIX JB with the best app store, and here it allows you to download Cydia as well.