Cydia Impactor Lockdown

Cydia Impactor is an Graphical User Interface tool developed by Jay Freeman (known as Saurik). This application facilitates the users to install APK files to Android devices and  IPA files to iOS devices. This application can be installed freely for major operating systems; Windows, Mac and Linux. The process of downloading these third party apps are known as sideloading and it is best for iOS users. This application is famous among the users because of it’s amazing features. These functional features make the app handy, smart and unique from other alternatives.



Cydia Impactor Lockdown

Features of Cydia Impactor

In order to communicate with computers and smartphones it is needed to install USB drivers. As Cydia Impactor installed ADB drivers users don’t need to install drivers manually. It is also capable of Fastboot and bootloader unlock. After downloading Cydia Impactor a small click on your device will do wonders like Android Rooting. Using Cydia Impactor you can update packages from a single click and this feature is called Packages Installation. This application also can be used to install jailbreak applications. Using Cydia impactor is the easiest way to install third party devices very efficiently.

Cydia Impactor lockdown.cpp: 57 error

Each error in Cydia Impactor carries a meaning.If you are using Cydia Impactor you may have seen an error as “Cydia Impactor lockdown.cpp: 57 error” This error means that there is something wrong with your device.Moreover this error even has number of varieties and they can be fixed.

Solution for Cydia Impactor lockdown.cpp:57 error

  1. First close Cydia Impactor then turn WiFi on your iPhone and run Cydia impactor again.
  2. Click on “Trust” on your idevice and connect your device to the computer.
  3. Download and install the latest version of  iTunes and sign in using your Apple ID and password.

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Cydia Impactor Alternative AltSigner

If the above solution didn’t work for Cydia Impactor error lockdown.cpp: 57, you can also try Cydia Impactor alternative which is AltSigner. AltSigner is a tool used to sign in to IPA files.

It is a Cydia Impactor alternative that is in high success range so you can use it without any fear.


Here are some frequently asked questions about AltSigner

What to do if AltSigner always fails to sign in?

First you must check the account number and UDID. And also check whether the IPAs are available or not. Next clear the cache in settings and better try to run it as system administrator.

How many IPAs can sign in from each ID?

You can only install three signed IPAs simultaneously. If the Apple ID is used as forth IPA the first IPA will definitely expire.

What are the requirements to use Altsigner?

It is needed to have an Apple ID,UDID and the IPA files you are hoping to sideload.