Cydia Impactor XCODE 7.3

Cydia Impactor is a Graphical User Interface tool used to install third party applications to iOS devices. It is developed by Saurik; an individual developer. This tool can be used to install APK files to Android devices and IPA files to iOS devices. This handy tool facilitates the users with amazing features such as inbuilt drivers, package installation, bridging connection, jailbreaking, USB driver installation, rooting of Android devices, fastboot and bootloader unlocking etc.



Cydia Impactor XCODE 7.3

Cydia Impactor “update to Xcode 7.3” error

If you are using Cydia Impactor to sideload apps you might have faced an error message “please update to xcode 7.3”. Saurik; the developer of Cydia Impactor has published a twitter message to tell about this Xcode error. Moreover he has mentioned that the error is due to a change in server side. This error allows all users without a premium Apple Developer Account to use Cydia Impactor and this has caused not working of Cydia Impactor for a lot of users.  As it will take some time to correct the Xcode 7.3 error, the best solution is to enroll in the developer program by paying $99 to Apple. Through this you can use Cydia Impactor without any troubleshooting messages. There is another  solution for this Xcode error, it is to use online signing services such as Ignition to sideload popular apps like Uncover and Chimera. The users must give some time to the developer to correct the error as this is the most used app to sideload jailbreaking apps.

There is an alternative solution to fix this Xcode error introduced by a Reddit user. There are some requirements one should fulfil to workout this alternative solution. 

You must have an iOS device and a lightning cable. And there must be Xcode that is downloaded from the Mac app store in Apple Dev website. Moreover you must also have an iOS app signer and a n Apple ID. The requirements also include a personal computer running Mac operating system also Hackintosh or a Virtual machine will also work. You must also have the IPA of the application that you are going to sideload. 

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Below is the procedure to run the solution:

Step 1: Install the latest version of Xcode on the Mac computer.

Step 2: Move Xcode to applications and then open it.

Step 3: Enter your AppleID after opening Xcode and navigating to settings. 

Step 4: Double click on the ID to open the relevant window.

Step 5: Click “create”.

Step 6: After that Create a single project in Xcode to attach your iDevice.

Step 7: Select your device and select the relevant Apple ID.

Step 8: Click the “Play” button or manually click “Run”.

Step 9: Then visit “Settings” > “General” > and then “Device Management”.

Step 10: After that download iOS App signer and follow the mentioned steps.

Step 11: Then open iOS app signer.

Step 12: Click “start” to choose an Name of the file and path to outpath.

Step 13: Go to Xcode again and visit “Devices” in “windows”.

Step 14: Select your device in order to show the loaded apps.

Step 15: drag and drop ( or click plus sign “+”) and it will sideload the new app that you signed.