Cydia Impactor Error

When you are working with the cydia impactor you will face different kinds of errors. These errors may cause a delay for a work to be done. So we will be giving you the causes for kinds of errors and the solution for you to fix them and use cydia impactor without any errors. 

cydia impactor error


Cydia impactor error 150

This error happens when you have enabled the two factor authentication for your apple id and as a result the device asks for an app-specific password. So you can create an app specific password and use it when using cydia impactor.


Cydia impactor error 173

Cydia impactor 173 error occurs when you are  filling the apple id and password. The text will appear asking you to sign in with an app – specific password. This may happen due to the enabling of the two factor authentication so you can either disable that option or else you can download the cydia impactor tool.  Then you must connect your ios device to your computer and then open the website and sign in with your apple id. Then go to the security section and select app specific password. You can enter your name there then an app specification password will be visible and copy it to your clipboard. 

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Cydia impactor error 182

Cydia impactor 182 error will say that you are having a problem with SSL CA cert. To fix this you must go to menu> impactor and then isecure SSL so that the error will be fixed.


Cydia impactor error 57

When this error occurs kill the cydia impactor turn off the wifi and run again the impactor by tapping on trust option and then download the latest itunes. The problem will be solved.


Cydia impactor error 87

This error occurs when you have a problem with the pre- existing certificates in your device. so to fix that you can revoke it and try to sign in and you will see no error.


Cydia impactor error Provision cpp 81 / cydia impactor provision cpp 81

When the provision cpp 81 cydia impactor error occurs you will get a message saying that the feature is only available for users who have enrolled on apple developer programme. So to fix this cydia impactor error 81 you can utilize revoke certificate with cydia impactor. Then create a new apple id and you can enter the new id when you install apps and you will see that the cydia impactor 81 error has been fixed.


Cydia impactor provision cpp 173

When this error occurs you are asked to sign in with an app- specific password instead of your apple id when installing IPA apps to your device. To fix this you must go to and log in using your apple id and create an app- specific password. Also you can fix this error by creating a new apple ID too. If these two solutions didn’t work then try to disable two factor authentication and try to sign in using your apple id password.

As mentioned above all these errors could be fixed according to the above guidelines and you can enjoy cydia impactor free of errors.