Jailbreak iOS 15.7.2


Recently Apple released iOS 15.7.2 for users that are not interested in the iOS 16 upgrade. Although this is a small version, now you can freely get it directly to your iDevice. After that, it is now possible to jailbreak iOS 15.7.2 with the IntrixJB tool.

Jailbreak iOS 15.7.2


IntrixJB Download | Jailbreak iOS 15.7.2

IntrixJB is a partial jailbreak tool that was updated for iOS jailbreak. Now you can freely download the IntrixJB app to your iOS 15.7.2, and then it is possible to jailbreak iOS freely. This is a user-friendly online jailbreak tool, and now you can download jailbreak iOS 15.7.2 without voiding your device warranty. 


How to Download IntrixJB | Jailbreak iOS 15.7.2?

Now you can directly download the IntrixJB tool for your iOS by following below simple instructions. As the beginning step, you have to browse IntrixJB’s official website. 

Step01. Visit the official IntrixjB website.

Step02. Now download IntrixJB from the official website.

Step03. Tap on “Install INTRIX” to begin app installation. Tap the “Allow” option to download the app to iOS device settings.

Step04. Open Settings > Profile download > Enter the Device passcode

Step05. Finally, you have done it successfully. Then enjoy the IntriJB in built app store with your jailbroken iOS 15.7.2. 


Check this latest version from below..

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Jailbreak iOS 15 – iOS 15.7.2

The jailbreak iOS 15 category is now updated with IntrixJB latest update. So users get the free opportunity to jailbreak iOS 15 quickly- iOS 15.7.2 updated iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models without any difficulty. 




Jailbreak iOS 15

iOS 15 is the fifteenth major update introduced with more impressive features. After upgrading the iOS, you can get experience with all these features. This iOS 15 is now available with jailbreak iOS 15. For that, you can use IntrixJB’s latest update. 


Jailbreak iOS 15.0.1

Although iOS 15.0.1 is a small bug fix update, it is essential to upgrade this version. It comes with minor bug fixes. You can freely get this new update and use IntrixJB to jailbreak iOS 15.0.1 within a few seconds.   


Jailbreak iOS 15.0.2

Those who upgrade to iOS 15.0.2 now get the freedom to jailbreak iOS 15.0.2 using the IntrixJB tool. This is a powerful option to remove all the barriers Apple imposed smoothly. 


Jailbreak iOS 15.1

Apple introduced iOS 15.1 as the first major feature update. Users will receive the software update notification to upgrade the iOS easily, or you can manually update it. After updating the new iOS 15.1, you can jailbreak iOS 15.1 easily using the IntrixJB tool. 


Jailbreak iOS 15.1.1

With the rapid development, now you can find iOS 15.1.1. After updating iOS without waiting, you can try IntrixJB. This is a popular online jailbreak tool, and now you can freely download it to jailbreak iOS 15.1.1. 


Jailbreak iOS 15.2

To jailbreak iOS 15.2 after successfully moving from an earlier update, you can use the Intrix jailbreak iOS 15.2 updates; this great application tries to give you limitless freedom. Now you can use this online tool for iOS jailbreak and install the best Cydia alternative app store. 


Jailbreak iOS 15.2.1

After updating iOS 15.2.1, you can be stable with bug fixes. After fixing all those issues, you can work within 15.2.1 updated iDevice models. Such as previous times, now you can use the Intrix jailbreak tool for jailbreaking iOS 15.2.1 for free. 


Jailbreak iOS 15.3

Now you can easily download the IntrixJB tool to jailbreak iOS 15.3. This is the only supported way to access root, and now you can freely download jailbreak with this online JB tool. For more details, visit the official website.


Jailbreak iOS 15.3.1

To jailbreak iOS 15.3.1 now, you can use the IntrixJB tool. You can freely jailbreak your iOS with Intrix, and this is the only available online tool for iOS jailbreak.  


Jailbreak iOS 15.4

IntrixJB tool is now updated to jailbreak iOS 15.4 support iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models. If you still need a supportive jailbreak tool for iOS 15, try IntrixJB. 


Jailbreak iOS 15.4.1

The IntrixJB tool is now updated for iOS 15.4.1. So you can easily use this tool to download jailbreak iOS 15.4.1 directly, and this is the only available JB tool to jailbreak iOS partially.


Jailbreak iOS 15.5

Download jailbreak iOS 15.5 is now updated with the IntrixJB tool. So you can easily use this with all the iOS 15.5 updated iDevice models, including iPhone 6S.  


Jailbreak iOS 15.6

Apple rapidly introduced iOS 15 updates. iOS 15.6 is the sixth major update, and users get permission to upgrade it freely. After that, you can use the IntrixJB tool to jailbreak iOS 15.6 updated iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models.  


Jailbreak iOS 15.7

Now you can easily jailbreak iOS 15.7 update with the IntrixJB tool. So follow the above app download link to get the app directly via your web browser. 


Jailbreak iOS 15.7.1

Use IntrixJB’s latest update to jailbreak iOS 15.7.1 with a simple tap. If you need more details, follow the app download link above.