Jailbreak iOS 14.3

There are many iOS 14.3 Jailbreak solutions that you can find as jailbreak app stores, tweak and theme installers. All these iOS 14.3 Jailbreak solutions and third-party features are available to download through Intrix. IntrixJB is a new jailbreak app released for public use. It supports all iOS versions, including the latest iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3. Furthermore, its developers are working on developing it for upper iOS compatibility as well.



jailbreak ios 14.3

What is Intrix?

Intrix is a jailbreak app store enriched with a collection of jailbreak apps, themes, tweaks, games, and more that are not available in the default Apple app store or any other app store. A team of developers has gathered around and worked hard to release its latest iOS 14.3 Jailbreak app store. At the moment, the Intrix JB app store is the only solution you have got as the iOS 14.3 Jailbreak app installation.


Intrix JB works as a jailbreak app store that supports all iOS versions from the beginning to the latest iOS 14 – iOS 14.3. It allows users to install jailbreak apps, tweaked apps, themes, games, and extract repos from Intrix. The IntrixJB is available at the Intrix app store’s jailbreak category.

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Cydia Free and Sileo Download

The Intrix Jailbreak app allows you to install the lite versions of Cydia Free and Sileo on iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 devices. As usual, you need to proceed with the iOS 14.3 Jailbreak first. After that, Cydia and Sileo lite versions will be installed automatically.

Intrix lets you install these Cydia and Sileo apps manually. However, not all the system functions may work with IntrixJB Cydia Free and Sileo. To install these through the Intrix Jailbreak category, just tap on the given Get button on Cydia Free or Sileo so that the profile will be added to your device.


Tweak Installations through IntrixJB

From the Intrix app’s Tweaks section, you can install iOS 14.3 Jailbreak and non-jailbreak tweaks directly on your device. You can also add Siri shortcuts to your iOS 13 device directly.

Before installing Intrix JB tweaks, you must enable the “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” option. After that, you can install untrusted shortcuts from the Intrix tweaks gallery. After tapping on the “Get” button, select the tweak you want to install. After that, click on the Add Untrusted Shortcut button.

In the following list, we have listed the best and the most popular non-jailbreak iOS 14.3 Intrix tweaks.

Save Battery

You can use this non-jailbreak tweak on iOS 14.3 devices to save battery life. With this shortcut, you can control the battery life of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using the low battery mode. It is effortless to turn on the low power mode, turn off mobile data and Wi-Fi to save battery life. Under this shortcut, you can also find the options to get battery level and set brightness.


iTweak is an alternative to the iOS 14.3 Jailbreak. It brings multiple features. The author of this tweak is Jonathan Setzer, and it allows you to download many tweaked apps, customize apps, Cydia alternatives, ++ apps, jailbreak apps, and more. There are also many system tweaks like custom lock wallpapers, no folder labels, system dark mode, change font, YouTube Downloader, and more. There are more options in the iTweak shortcut to turn off Wi-Fi/ mobile data/ Bluetooth, turn on Airplane mode/ low power mode, and more.


Backup is the most wanted shortcut to an iDevice as it saves all the shortcuts in iCloud Drive or any other place you select by asking where to save them. Rosemary Orchard is the one who created this shortcut.

Quick Delete

Quick Delete shortcut allows you to delete all photos on your iDevice photo library. All you have to do is just choose yes to delete all the images.

Theme Board

With the ThemeBoard apps, you can customize app icons on your iOS 14.3 device. You can completely change the home screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using them.

ThemeBoard apps that you can find through the Intrix JB are Polychrome, Leatus, Soft Light, Eco Theme, Blackly, Colorista, Ella Green, Devoted, Shadow, Colorix, Infinity, and more.

Settings Apps

Settings Apps is the best and the most exciting feature of Intrix. You can change some of your iPhone app’s settings with this option. All you have to do is install some Settings apps on your iOS 14.3 device. After that, it is possible to stop the system functions of system apps installed.

Following are some of the settings apps you can get:

  • No Facetime
  • No More Modifications
  • Enough Apps
  • No Screenshots and Screen Recording
  • No AirDrop

Wallpaper Set

Intrix 3D wallpapers bring you the experience of brand new 3D wallpapers. There are also different types of wallpapers to give a different look to your iOS 14.3 iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Unseen Apps

Unseen Apps is another important feature in the Intrix iOS 14.3 Jailbreak. You can find the most wanted apps under the unseen apps category of Intrix. You can easily select the app you want and then install it on your iOS 14.3 device.

Following are the best-unseen apps that you can install with Intrix iOS 14.3 Jailbreak:

  • Xe
  • BBC iPlayer
  • AppPhotoLocker Pro
  • Autodesk
  • Tonebridge


Intrix Upcoming Features

Intrix works as an online service provider for Jailbreak. It already has an online JB process for previous jailbreak apps.

Unc0ver iOS 14.3 Jailbreak

Unc0ver jailbreak supports iOS 11 – iOS 13.5 versions. It is available in the Intrix JB under the jailbreak category. However, the Unc0ver jailbreak app didn’t update to iOS 13.5.1 – iOS 13.7 or iOS 14 – iOS 14.3. Once it is released for these iOS versions, it will be available in the Intrix Jailbreak category. Therefore, Unc0ver online iOS 14.3 Jailbreak is one of the upcoming features of the Intrix.

Odyssey iOS 14.3 Jailbreak

Odyssey is another famous jailbreak app that supports iOS 13 – iOS 13.7 with Cydia and Sileo. You can also find it under the jailbreak category in the Intrix app. Odyssey for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3 is still pending. After it is updated, it will be added to the Intrix as an online jailbreak. So it is too an upcoming feature of IntrixJB.

Checkra1n iOS 14.3 Jailbreak

Checkra1n does not have an IPA or online method yet. However, it is available for iOS 14.3 Jailbreak, it will definitely be added to the Intrix Jailbreak.

Checkra1n Jailbreak for Mac

Checkra1n is a semi-tethered hardware-based jailbreak app that is noticed as an unpatchable jailbreak app. It cannot be patched with a software update as it is based on hardware jailbreaking. Checkra1n iOS 14.3 Jailbreak will be available for the public after it’s been updated to iOS 14.3 compatibility.

Device Compatibility

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, iPhone 6S / 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPod touch 7, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro (1st, 2nd gen), iPad (5 th, 6th, 7th gen)

Important Notes

Checkra1n is designed for A5-A11 device jailbreaking. However, its developer team failed to add the jailbreak support for A11 devices running iOS 14/+ versions. So it is limited in its compatibility.


Pros and Cons of Checkra1n iOS 14.3 Jailbreak


  • It is the only full iOS 14.3 Jailbreak tool available.
  • You can install Sileo through Checkra1n jailbreak.
  • It automatically installs Cydia.
  • Compatible with many jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 14.3.


  • There is no online jailbreak method in Checkra1n.
  • It does not support Windows PCs.
  • It does not support A12-A14 chipset based devices like iPhone XS models, iPhone 11 series, and iPhone 12 series.
  • It partially supports A11 devices. (No security)
  • As Checkra1n follows the system-root method, you will lose your device warranty.
  • It follows an advanced method.
  • It has lots of jailbreak errors.


iOS 14.3 new Features vs. Intrix Jailbreak Features

Apple introduced several new features and improvements with its latest release iOS 14.3. However, you can still get most of these new features using the previously released semi-untethered jailbreak and Cydia.

Apple ProRAW

Apple ProRAW is the new camera photo capture format of Apple. This mode offers better quality for images. It was introduced in the beta releases of iOS 14.3, running on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max only. When you activate the Apple ProRAW toggle, you will get the RAW option for your Camera settings.

You can install related apps and tweaks from the IntrixJB app store. Plus, there are also some Apple app store apps that we can use to edit photos in RAW format.

  • With the VSCO photo and video editor that you can install from the Apple app store, you can edit photos with filters and effects. It supports iOS 12 and higher versions.
  • ProCam 8 is an app that you can install from the Apple app store. It allows you to take RAW format photos. You can use it on iPhone 6S/+ running iOS 10/+.

PAL Format

PAL format is another brand new feature that comes with iOS 14.3. Users can record videos in PAL formats with this feature. For those who don’t know, PAL is a television video format that is used in many countries.

Other versions of iOS save the captured videos in MOV format by default. It is also available in M4V, AVI, and MP4 formats. This is the first time an iOS version came with the PAL format support for iDevices. Other iOS version users cannot get PAL format with Cydia tweaks. However, you can get them with the Intrix JB app store.

Home Screen Widgets

You can keep your favorite apps on your device’s home screen in your own way with this new feature; Home Screen Widgets introduced in iOS 14.3. Before the introduction of this new feature, the iDevice home screen showed limited basic functions. But now it is customizable through the Home Screen Widgets feature.

However, this is not a big deal to jailbreak fans thanks to the Intrix jailbreak tweaks like HSWidgets and Velox Reloaded that offer these same features.

Hide Home Screen’s Apps

In iOS 14.3, Apple introduced a new feature called Hide Home Screen’s Apps. With this feature, all iDevice users can hide home screen apps. However, it is not a new experience for Intrix jailbreak community members thanks to the HideYourApps jailbreak tweak that lets you hide annoying or not frequently used apps from the springboard.

Smaller Siri Interface

Siri has been with a full-screen interface on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches for a long time. But in iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3, you get a small animated glyph Siri interface at the bottom of your screen. However, this feature has been available with the Intrix jailbreak tweak SmallSiri for a long time.


Download iOS 14.3

Apple released a new iOS update called iOS 14.3 with new features like Ecosia. If you are interested in experiencing it, you can download the iOS 14.3 update on your device. Whenever Apple releases a new iOS update, iDevice users receive the software update notification. You can simply click on the notification to proceed with the iOS 14.3 software update. If you missed it, you can update to iOS 14.3 manually from the device Settings > General > Software Update. After that, you can experience the amazing apps and tweaks with Intrix iOS 14.3 Jailbreak.