XBOX ONE Jailbreak Download


Jailbreaking your XBOX ONE with USB wii allows you to play free games via XBOX store absolutely free and it will also allow you to play any game with external or internal Hard Drive Disk(HDD). Moreover you can backup a game using game options without using any third party tools and it will also facilitate you to backup games directly as you wish. Are you worrying about earlier unsupported games? Stop worrying about it as Xbox one jailbreak will allow you to play with new file formats that were unsupported earlier. Installing Xbox one jailbreak will give you the full administrator and developer rights for your stock software. For the process of installing Xbox One Jailbreak you must definitely update Xbox firmware to the newest version and then use a windows computer and install third party jailbreak software. And it is guaranteed that the new custom firmware is capable with Xbox one models so don’t worry about compatibility issues. 

xbox one jailbreak download

You will require the following things in order to jailbreak Xbox one.

It is nice to hear that the latest version of Xbox software is made with the capability to any xbox one models. 

  • No need for soldering.
  • 2 GB USB flash drive or hard drive disk formatted with FAT32) is needed.


Installing Xbox one on to your device

Following are the steps you must follow in order to install xBox one jailbreak.

Step 1: Search for “downloading Xbox one Jailbreak” and download the custom firmware that has been updated.

Step 2: In order to extract the folder’s content double click the .zip file and then open the folder that you extracted and you will see a file named as “ XONEJAILBREAK.XVD”.

Step 3: After that insert a USB flash drive at least having 2GB memory available to download the jailbreaking software and for this a computer with windows operating system must be used.

Step 4: Then create a new folder on your flash drive and name it  as “$SystemUpdate”.

Step 5: Drag and drop the $SystemUpdate from computer desktop to USB flash drive. 

Step 6: Next insert the USB flash drive or the hard disk drive to a port in the Xbox one, then visit system settings of Xbox one.

Step 7: Click on “ update via external storage media”.

Step 8: Go forward in the process of system software update and feel free to confirm the instructions displayed in your computer screen.

Step 9: Then just wait a few minutes(10 – 15min) in order to finish the installation process.

Step 10: After the end of the installation process just switch off the computer and restart it.

Step 11: At the end of the process new custom firmware will be installed on Xbox one.


After following the above mentioned steps accordingly  you are allowed to download Xbox one games absolutely free. Enjoy your gaming time with Xbox one which is the most affordable and efficient way to play games. Xbox one jailbreak has gathered a huge audience because of capability to run on any Xbox one device.