PS3 4.76 Jailbreak Download


PlayStation Jailbreak is the first Universal Serial Bus chipset to allow unauthorized code execution, such as homebrew, on the PlayStation 3. Jailbreaking is the process of removing restrictions imposed by its developer and using the application for once convinced. Though it is not safe to jailbreak a device sometimes it is worthy to do so because the facilities in the device increases after the jailbreaking process. In PS3 jailbreaking means removing the restrictions imposed by Sony entertainment enterprises. It allows the user to directly download it or you can download it for USB, moreover it also facilitates updating it into a game disc. Furthermore the technology used in this tool has gathered a huge audience worldwide. A 3D computer graphics API software is used there. It is also capable of photo, audio and video playback in a variety of formats. All playstation 3 consoles are capable of playing all original Playstation games. Playstation 3 was under struggle because of its expensive architecture so it has become a misguide by Sony. It is a collection of tools that is efficient and accurate. Though there is no disaster for users, Sony entertainment enterprises have faced a big loss because of this.

ps3 jailbreak

It was initially introduced in 2006 and later on it has undergone many updates with new features.

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We will see some amazing features of ps3 4.76 jailbreak.

One of the key features is that users can play backup games that have been downloaded. And also ps3 4.76 is legal and trustworthy. Moreover this tool is free from bugs and no bricks. Furthermore ps3 4.76 catches a huge audience with easy installation and can also install PKG files. This tool also facilitates the users with fast download and installation. Ps3 4.76 also compatible with multiman backup manager. This also gives access to play multiplayer games and the users also can play games from disc. Users can access PSN after downgrade of ps3 4.76 jailbreak. This works on all models including new super slim. You do not need to have any opening consoles or any modifications, all you have to do is just plug and install it very simply.

PS3 4.76 jailbreak download

Step 1: Download the required files needed for 4.76 jailbreak.

Step 2: Unzip using WINRAR.

Step 3: Plug an USB stick to your personal computer.

Step 4: Next you must create a folder named as “PS3” in the root of the USB stick.

Step 5: Create a new folder named “UPDATE” inside the PS3 folder.

Step 6: Download the updated pS3 PUP.

Step 7: Next you must unzip PS3UPDAT.PUP.

Step 8: Move PS3UPDAT.PUP file to directory “UPDATE” that you created on the USB stick.

Step 9: Plug in the USB stick to your PS3.

Step 10: Go for settings tap.

Step 11: Choose system update.

Step 12: Next select update through storage media.

Step 13:It will show that version 4.76-JBSTEP 14: is found, click OK.

Step 14: Accept the mentioned conditions and install the update.

Step 15: PS3 will be updated within 3 minutes and it will beep four times and shout down. 

Step 16: Power the ps3, you must do it on the console.

Step 17: Cheers! Now your ps3 is jailbroken.